This is a picture of the "One Week" Dollhouse my father and I created in 2001, a detailed two-foot tall, near-exact replica of the slightly misconstructed house created in the classic comedy "One Week." It is complete with the front door attached to the second floor bathroom, and a slightly leaky roof. It even spins. My father, Charles L. Pearson did most of the woodwork from a single piece of ceder, including the inside furniture.

I'm a graphic artist and typesetter living in Picayune, MS, but am better known for my film related websites.

Here are some of my online creations:

Arbucklemania: The Roscoe Arbuckle Website

Madcap Mabel: The Mabel Normand Website

Silent Ladies & Gents: Photo Galleries of Silent Film Stars

The Silent Movies Multiplex (Feature Films for Free Download)

Blue Book of the Screen

Stars of the Silent Photoplay

Slapstick: MP4 Clips from the films of Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd, and other great silent clowns

DG: Quicktime Clips of D.W. Griffith's Greatest Films

I maintain a mirror of Bruce Long's Taylorology

I'm webmaster of The Harry Langdon Society

I'm also an academically and internationally published author. I wrote an essay for Cambridge University Press for the book "Buster Keaton's 'Sherlock Jr." called "Playing Detective: Possible Solutions to the Production Mysteries of (what else?) Sherlock Jr."

My writings are on five DVD sets: The Forgotten Films of Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle (Laughsmith Entertainment), Industrial Strength Keaton (Laughsmith), Sherlock Jr. & Three Ages Ultimate Edition (Kino Video), Our Hospitality Ultimate Edition (Kino), and Buster Keaton: The Short Films Collection 1920-1923 (Kino).

In conjuction with Paul E. Gierucki, I have been thanked on DVDs and on Turner Classic Movies for assisting in the restortation work on the following silent and early sound films:

The Curtain Pole (1909), Comrades (1911), The Manicure Lady (1911), With a Kodak (1912), Dashing Through The Clouds (1912), The Water Nymph (1912), A Grocery Clerk's Romance (1912), On His Wedding Day (1912), A Life in the Balance (1913), The Bangville Police (1913), A Fishy Affair (1913), Barney Oldfield's Race for A Life (1913), Mabel's Dramatic Career (1913), The Speed Kings (1913), A Thief Catcher (1914), A Flirt's Mistake (1914), The Knockout (1914), Mabel's Married Life (1914), The Great Toe Mystery (1914), Shot in the Excitement (1914), Curses! They Remarked (1914), The Noise of Bombs (1914), Leading Lizzy Astray (1914), Ambrose's First Falsehood (1915), Hash House Mashers (1915), Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition (1915), A Bird's a Bird! (1916), Gussle?s Day of Rest (1916), Do-Re-Mi-Boom! (1916), Court House Crooks (1916), Dirty Work in a Laundry (1916), A Lover's Lost Control (1916), A Submarine Pirate (1916), Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts (1916), Fatty and Mabel Adrift (1916), Wife and Auto Trouble (1916), His Bitter Pill (1916), The Surf Girl (1916), Madcap Ambrose (1916), Teddy at the Throttle (1917), Her Torpedoed Love (1917), A Clever Dummy (1917), Thirst (1917), Goodnight Nurse (1918), The Bell Boy (1918), Mickey (1918), Love (1919), Back Stage (1919), Hearts and Flowers (1919), The Garage (1920), Down on the Farm (1920), Don't Weaken (1920), Bright Eyes (1922), Gymnasium Jim (1922), The Extra Girl (1923), The Dare-Devil (1923), Ten Dollars or Ten Days (1924), Picking Peaches (1924), The Half-Back of Notre Dame (1924), Black Oxfords (1924), Lizzies of the Field (1924), Galloping Bungalows (1924), His Marriage Wow (1925), Water Wagons (1925), Curses! (1925), Super-Hooper-Dyne-Lizzies (1925), A Rainy Knight (1925), Saturday Afternoon (1926), A Sea Dog?s Tale (1926), Hoboken to Hollywood (1926), A Harem Knight (1926), Catalina, Here I Come (1927), Broke in China (1927), Pride of Pikeville (1927), The Golf Nut (1927), Smith's Pony (1927), Fiddlesticks (1927), Run, Girl Run (1928), The Best Man (1928), His Unlucky Night (1928), Taxi for Two (1928), Matchmaking Mama (1928), Match Play (1930), The Dentist (1932), Don?t Play Bridge with Your Wife (1933), and The Fatal Glass of Beer (1933).

I've been quoted in several silent film, Roscoe Arbuckle, and Buster Keaton related books, as well as Variety (on Harold Lloyd), the BBC, LaPaz (Brazil) The New York Times (twice), The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times and the Houston Chronicle -- but I've never made it into my home town newspaper -- The Picayune Item -- so I can't be THAT big a deal.

If you want. you can email me here. Be seeing you!